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Sponge cake pan math: subtract 1/2 ounce from weight of batter before dividing

To avoid frustration when using a fancy-schmancy handy-dandy kitchen scale to compute by weight how much sponge-cake batter goes in each cake pan, subtract a half ounce or so for the bits that stick to the bowl before you divide the weight of the batter.

These pan-scrapings should stay in the bowl because 1. trying to get them out so that your weights come out evenly takes precious time during which your sponge is deflating, not baking, and 2. scrapings don't have much air and will be heavy and act weird when dumped on top of your otherwise feathery-light cake.

Or rather, pan scrapings should stay in the bowl until you put the pans in the oven, and then you should scrape them out and eat them because they are delicious and everyone likes delicious things.

This is my public-service announcement of the day. A vast fleet of gluten-free wedding cake prototype recipes will be coming sometime soon (if but so I don't lose the little bits of paper the scribbled-down notes are on).
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